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    Antifreeze G11 Concentrate

    Antifreeze G11 Concentrate
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    Antifreeze G11 Concentrate

    An undiluted on ethylene glycol based engine coolant concentrate formulated for use in engines. It employs established inhibitor Inorganic Additive Technology (IAT) and is nitrite, amine and phosphate (NAP) free and includes borate and silicate. The sophisticated silicate stabilisation technology eliminates the potential formation of silicate gel which is often observed with inferior products. Good compatibility with hard water and prevents the formation of scale.It offers total and permanent protection of the cooling system. By the Inorganic Additive Technology (IAT) it offers total and permanent protection of the cooling system and a life span of 3 - 4 years or 60000 km to 85000 km for passenger cars and professional applications.

    • AFNOR: NF R 15-601
    • ASTM: D3306
    • ASTM: D4985
    • BS: 6580
    • MAN: 324 NF
    • MB: 325.0
    • MTU: MTL 5048
    • SAE: J1034
    • VW: TL 774-C

    Anti-freeze properties. Anti-corrosion properties: complete system protection.


    Formulated for use in all engines including those constructed from aluminium alloys. Best choice for older cooling systems that have copper/brass radiators and heater cores, especially for the lead solder used in them.Suitable when diluted for cooling circuits of the open or closed type (vehicles and heating). Advised to dilute with demineralised water.Protection temperature: -20 °C needs 27% AF // -24 °C needs 40% AF // -36 °C needs 50% AF.

    Density at 20 °C g/ml 1.111